• Business development

    We help you develop your business from the idea , we conduct the business plan and the feasibility study of your company.

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  • Financial Advice

    We are experts in sources of funding and grants, we adapt all the necessary documentation  for your business applications

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  • Business registration

    We advise on the choice of legal form , and we realize the online registration with the electronic single document, through the CIRCE system

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  • Diagnosis improvement

    Through a comprehensive survey of business improvement and a financial study , we improve the efficiency of your company .

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  • Sector analysis

    We provide a complete view of the market and through our databases, we help you to know better your competitors .

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References to clients

  • Miottech

    MIOTtech born with the purpose of joining the digital world with the real world.  Discover


  • Food and Fun

    Improved teamwork and have fun coocking Discover

    Food and Fun
  • FFartlek

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

  • Wallbox OK

    When recharging your electric vehicle becomes a motivation . Discover

    Wallbox OK
  • Subastas de mudanzas

    Search and find the best carrier or transport company that interests you.  Discover

    Subastas de mudanzas


  • Presentations in the Commercial Register

    Consultation and presentations to the Central Registry and Valencia and province.

    Presentations in the Commercial Register
  • Spanish Social Security

    Spanish social security online way through the RED system and processing the INSS.

    Spanish Social Security
  • Point PAE – New entrepreneurs

    Complete processing and advice on register of new companies and freelancers.

    Point PAE – New entrepreneurs
  • Processing proposals for European Funds

    Completion and advice on proposals for financing R & D programs through European funds.

    Cumplimentación y asesoramiento en la presentación de propuestas de financiación programas I+D a través de fondos europeos.

    Processing proposals for European Funds
  • Proceedings before Valencian Government

    Processing fees and forms with the Regional Ministry of Finance.

    Proceedings before Valencian Government
  • Applications OEPM

    Filing patent applications, utility models and trademark registrations before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM)

    Applications OEPM
  • Tax Agency procedures

    Tax filing and statements to the Treasury. Direct management online through the Electronic Office.

    Tax Agency procedures
  • Economists

    Financial control business, accounting and feasibility plans.


Blog posts

  • The feasibility plan in the company (II) – The treasury
    The feasibility plan in the company (II) – The treasury

    In the previous article we talked about how important it is for a company to know its break even point. The other very important variable to have controlled is the treasury of the company. Every company starts from an initial treasury, in the case of a new company would be the initial investment and in…

  • The feasibility plan in the company (I) – the break even point.
    The feasibility plan in the company (I) – the break even point.

    Whether we are talking about a company with activity or a new company. The most important review within the control measures of any company is to cope with its feasibility plan. It is not executed in the same way if we speak of a new project or company that if the value of the continuity…

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