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We are a consulting company in Valencia, and we specialize in new business projects and the management and growth of SMEs. That is why all our jobs are tailored to meet customer needs either project, young or SME company. We conducted;

We’re doing the registration online of your company or business. With this procedure time and cost are shortened, to register a limited company or individual entrepreneur is really simple. Also we advise you on everything you need to choose the appropriate legal form for your business and how to organize.

We help you get the best financing for your business. Whether to start your business or to make investments to grow, we are experts in getting the optimal financing for your business. Financing of public entities like ICO, Enisa, IVF, CDTI, IVACE, also with banks and financial institutions. We advise on financing and subsidies in force, and we transacted then for your company.

Advise on the development of your business. We prepare business plans  for new projects or continuity, putting the focus at the economic-financial feasibility plan for your business. We advise on everything you need in relation to regulatory compliance, for the growth of your company and business to comply with all obligations with INVASSAT, Hacienda, Commercial Register and Social Security.

Study your actual or potential competitors. To set or review your strategy is basic do so by UN-depth knowledge of real competition, and which may be the changes that will occur in the future. Through our databases we do an analysis of your main competitors, identify and compare the Analysis of Your Company.

Improve the results of  Your Company.  We have developed a methodology that allows us through a survey and the study of your accounts, evaluate the organizational and financial structure of Your Company. Results are aimed at improving the efficiency of your company, reviewing processes and improving cost structure.

Work De Consulting and Management for Business. To manage your business and comprehensive business, we offer the services of Tax Management, Accounting and Labour. We have a system that adapts to the size of the business. We are enabled for online processing with Finance, Commercial Register and Social Security. We also have partnerships with notaries, insurance, labor consulting, software developers, marketing agencies, etc …..

We may answer whatever need you have. We will be happy to contact and know what your idea is.

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