Job Market in Spain 2017

Job Market in Spain 2017

Job Market in Spain 2017

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The year we left 2016 was an atypical year, for several reasons; Brexit, months without government and US elections. Despite so many uncertain environments, companies and workers in Spain start the year 2017 with optimism, according to the results of the Hays Labour Market Guide 2017.

The difficulties of access to credit or the fear of default, fall to the last positions of the ranking. 79% of the companies surveyed consider that the crisis has finally been overcome, and claims to have noticed significant increases in basic indicators: turnover (85% of respondents), number of employees (70%) and international expansion (58%). 7 out of 10 companies surveyed are expected to make new hires throughout the year.

Companies also highlight the difficulties of adapting to the constant changes they have to assume, especially in technology, and derived from this situation, the shortage of professionals prepared for this reality.

By sectors, the 2017 Labour Market Guide estimates that industrial and engineering, marketing and sales, logistics, real estate and information technology will pull qualified employment this year. On the contrary, the world of finance and insurance are the sectors that present a scenario with more difficulties and challenges. It is considered that the key figures for 2017 will be positions related to the guarantee of the orders, so that the figures of Operations, Production and Quality will continue at the top of the table. As for the prospects for development of new products, the R & D areas are becoming more relevant, giving rise to growth for Engineers with a specialization in Design, Electronics, Languages ​​and International Projects. By 2017, the IT job market will continue to grow. Several studies estimate that between 300,000 and a half million IT jobs will have to be covered in the next two years in Spain.

The increase in activity in the Transport and Logistics sector has a direct impact on employment growth and on the increase of investments and projects in the Immigration sector, which is also reinvented thanks to the indisputable progress of e-commerce. 19% of transport and logistics services are already contracted via the Internet, while 40% of E-Commerce companies use more than two transport operators. All this increased activity has brought with it a record investment in the sector, which seeks professionals with commercial profile and higher education, languages ​​and network of contacts.



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